Let’s start building JavaScript plugins for WordPress

With Gutenberg, we made the choice to use JavaScript heavily in order build the UI of the editor, not because we’re nerdy hipsters but essentially because it is the perfect fit to address the UI and UX challenges of a heavily interactive interface in the browser. As a consequence, we’ll start to see a shift in […]

Efficient client data management for WordPress Plugins

Manipulating Client Data in highly interactive screens in WordPress (essentially the editor page in WordPress pre 5.0.0) is not the easiest task to do for plugin authors. As much as WordPress provides a large number of functions to access and manipulate data server side, it fails at providing a consistent way to access and manipulate […]

Explorons Gutenberg sous le capot au WPTech Lyon

J’ai eu l’honneur de donner un nouveau talk sur Gutenberg au WP Tech Lyon. De nombreux talks ont été donnés sur Gutenberg, le pourquoi du comment, ce que ça change pour les utilisateurs mais peu de talks ont abordé les dessous de Gutenberg, son architecture et ce que ça apporte au développeur de thèmes de […]

Mon premier WordCamp en tant que speaker

Aujourd'hui s'est déroulée la dixième édition du WordCamp Paris et j'ai eu l'honneur d'y participer en tant que speaker pour parler de Gutenberg. Conférence Vous trouvez ci-dessous les slides de ma conférence intitulée "Gutenberg, le futur de la création de contenu dans WordPress" https://www.slideshare.net/riadbenguella/gutenberg-le-futur-de-la-cration-de-contenu-dans-wordpress-90168384 Atelier J'ai aussi eu la chance d'animer un atelier sur l'extensibilité […]

With Gutenberg, what happens to my Custom Fields?

Developers and web agencies make extensive use of Custom Fields to add structured data to their Custom Post Types (and regular post types as well). By leveraging the Meta Box API, plugins like ACF, CMB or Pods Framework address this concern. They all work similarly: you define fieldsets, a list of fields with different types […]

One thousand and one way to extend Gutenberg today

If there’s one and only one feature that made WordPress gain 30% of the web’s market share, this feature would be Extensibility. What is WordPress without Yoast? What is WordPress without ACF? Without JetPack? WooCommerce? Without Akismet? Without Contact Form 7? What is WordPress without Hello Dolly? It’s nothing but another niche CMS with way […]

How Gutenberg is changing WordPress Development?

If you're already familiar with WordPress, you're probably used to its content editor based on TinyMCE. Creating content in WordPress did not really change for many years now. But with new competitors gaining more and more attraction like Medium, Ghost, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress decided to build a new Editor called Gutenberg (After Johannes Gutenberg, the […]

WordPress is evolving and you should care

Do you know WordPress, this tool that powers 27% of the web? This big old CMS everyone loves to hate because It’s oldish, it’s PHP and it’s not an SPA? but in the same time, everyone uses because it’s so great at achieving the goal it’s designed for: creating content? Well! It’s time to stop criticizing […]