The WordPress block editor: a maintainer’s story

Writing software is easy, sustaining it for years is harder, and doing it for open-source software is a challenge. Here’s a story about my journey to help build the WordPress block editor from a maintainer’s perspective, a perspective probably invisible to most developers and contributors (unless you’re an open-source project maintainer). The fun part As […]

Write as blocks in an encrypted collaborative environment

For WordCamp Europe Online Contributor Day, I’ve prepared a post to onboard new contributors. I’ve used for this. It’s great software, but a friend of mine rightfully commented about it being a missed opportunity to use Gutenberg. What if you could open your browser, type a URL,and immediately start typing in Gutenberg. and when […]

Journey towards a performant web editor

TLDRThis post presents different performance improvement and monitoring techniques that can be used in any React/Redux application.Akin to the React Concurrent mode, it also introduces an async mode for Redux applications where the UI can’t be windowized. WordPress 5.0 included a new block-based content editor. The editor is built as typical react/redux web application with […]

Let’s start building JavaScript plugins for WordPress

With Gutenberg, we made the choice to use JavaScript heavily in order build the UI of the editor, not because we’re nerdy hipsters but essentially because it is the perfect fit to address the UI and UX challenges of a heavily interactive interface in the browser. As a consequence, we’ll start to see a shift in […]

Efficient client data management for WordPress Plugins

Manipulating Client Data in highly interactive screens in WordPress (essentially the editor page in WordPress pre 5.0.0) is not the easiest task to do for plugin authors. As much as WordPress provides a large number of functions to access and manipulate data server side, it fails at providing a consistent way to access and manipulate […]

Explorons Gutenberg sous le capot au WPTech Lyon

J’ai eu l’honneur de donner un nouveau talk sur Gutenberg au WP Tech Lyon. De nombreux talks ont été donnés sur Gutenberg, le pourquoi du comment, ce que ça change pour les utilisateurs mais peu de talks ont abordé les dessous de Gutenberg, son architecture et ce que ça apporte au développeur de thèmes de […]