How ES6 Generators are changing the way we write Javascript

I have to admit, It took me some time to figure out in which use cases ES6 generators could be really useful (I’m not the only one I think, am I ?). When we talk about ES6 (or ES2015 as you like), generators are not the first feature we think about, we often see them as […]

Redux nowadays : From actions creators to sagas

There’s this expression I say each time I stumble on something (some technology) that’s going to change my habits in development …. Oh, ça déchire sa mère 😛 a not so conventional french alternative to wow that’s great !!!. And you know what, It just happened again. I discovered redux-saga, And I’m like: “Wow this is great, that’s […]

Understand unidirectional data flow by practice: rewrite an AngularJS application

Unidirectional data flow (or sometimes referred to as reactive programming or functional programming) is often seen as this new trend in frontend applications development brought by React and Flux (or by ReactiveX from Netflix). So many developers think using one of these libraries or frameworks is necessary to start with this pattern. This, of course, […]

Frontend application development fairytale (with backend analogy)

In the last three years, frontend development has evolved very quickly. With all this stuff out there (react, angular.js, aurelia, redux, flux, Angular2, Rx.js, falcor…), it became really hard for developers and companies to make choices about the stack to use for their applications. As a developper, I keep asking myself, which technology I’m gonna […]

Quand j’étais nul !!

Hymne à l’autocritique et à l’amélioration continue Cet article est une ancienne partipation au DZBlogDay 2013. Le DZBlogDay, événement annuel pendant lequel les blogueurs algériens abordent le même sujet le même jour, le thème de cette édition était le “web algérien”. Comme vous le savez, on ne peut parler de web sans parler de développeur […]